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Bettr Coffee for the World

The Last Straw Initiative

The Last Straw Initiative

Over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day.

The impact of its production, transport, and consumption reach far beyond what we can see. Our commitment is to brew coffee that's better for the community, but also better for the world.

We've worked with partners the last 2 years to power parts of our operations with solar energy, compost our used coffee grounds, and have gone completely straw-free, in addition to advocating for Bring-Your-Own reusables incentives. The origins of our coffee is of utmost importance, and our academy is the first in SE Asia to offer Origins Classes - an origins trip combined with SCA courses.



In 2018, our total energy use for our Headquarters and production facilities was powered by 20% clean energy. We target to be using 100% clean energy by 2020.



Total Carbon Emission Offset in 2018



No. of cars we’ve helped to remove from our roads



No. of solar panels we’re using for clean energy



Trees we’ve helped to plant as a result of this initiative


Bettr Energy

By the second quarter of 2019, we had 258 solar panels channeling energy to help power our operations sustainably. The tangible impact of utilising this renewable energy is the equivalent of planting 1,738 trees to offset carbon emissions, or taking 10 cars off the road. Coffee trees depend on the sun to grow, and Bettr Barista will likewise switch to fully renewable energy by the end of 2020. View our solar energy report to learn more.

1 Data from number of cars are based on average distance in Singapore from LTA and  2 Data from number of trees are from:

1 Data from number of cars are based on average distance in Singapore from LTA and

2 Data from number of trees are from:


Fairer coffee for all


We continue to nurture direct and personal relationships with many of the farmers we work with - from Asia to Latin America, and establish partnerships with small-holders and other Rainforest Alliance, Certified B Corporations wherever we can. Our suppliers from places as far as India to Nicaragua, Colombia to Myanmar, all hold ecology and community development as their guiding values.


Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

Social impact is the motivation of GMC’s social enterprise, and it is made possible by high-cupping direct trade coffees. They offer responsible producers access to credit in a country where access to credit is non-existent for most. Every week they hold free computing classes that are 90% female to break through "cement ceilings" for women and invest in clean water supplies for local schools.


Genius Shan Highlands Coffee

Genius Coffee is an award-winning social enterprise which sources its coffee from over 100 farmers in Myanmar’s Southern Shan State. Genius contributes to local education, healthcare, and forestry initiatives, and is focused on roasting and distributing coffee nationwide and abroad.


Howl & Kodama

Howl & Kodama supply our Indian beans from a 3-generation family operated farm in Coorg, South India. They practice sustainable agronomy and harvesting practices despite global market demands putting on pressure for conventional monoculture methods. About 40% of the acreage is dedicated to arabica plants, with the rest of the land used for robusta, paddy, and spiralling vines of black pepper.



Caravela is a certified B Corp coffee exporter which sources coffee from 2,100 smallholders in 8 Latin American countries. By connecting quality minded producers with socially focused roasters, Caravela is building long-term relationships to make an impact at origin.