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A 4-month, full-time, paid, work and study programme to help you Think, Feel, Do, Live and Be Bettr!

Our network of Trainers, Professionals and HT Graduates are here to support you in gaining skills to deal with life’s challenges, becoming a better version of yourself and preparing for a career in the F&B or Specialty Coffee Industry. If you don’t have a strong education or work experience to begin with, don’t worry, this is where you can get it! We provide you with professional training, guidance, paid internships and permanent job placements.




Study (10 Weeks) 

Professional Coffee Education (Includes WSQ Certification) 

Emotional Training 

Physical Activities

Team building 

Individual Goal Setting and Support  

Internship (20 Days within the 10 Weeks) 

On the job training 

Chance to earn $800



Work (3-5 Days per week) 

45 Days of guided work experience 

Chance to earn $2400

Ask your social worker to contact us and make a referral for you.


  1. Social service organisation representatives (and your clients) are encouraged to attend one of our free informational coffee chat sessions, which we hold throughout the year. This is where we share in-depth and up-to-date details about the Programme and application process.

  2. Interested individuals must get a referral from a social service organisation, counsellor or social worker.

  3. Complete our application form and attend 1 to 2 rounds of interviews (for shortlisted candidates).

Past Graduates


SHARIFAH (Intake #19)

Be patient for your passion.

I was unsure when my social service officer suggested Bettr Barista to me. I was emotionally and financially unstable. I was scared that my finances would worsen during the HT programme, and I have a young son to bring up. But during the programme, I learned to budget from what I earned at HT for the whole month. I wanted to quit so many times because when things are hard and people are coming after you, you feel demotivated. But don’t give up. My motto: live humbly, and stay bubbly!

Favourite programme aspect: The coffee appreciation lessons with Jo during the internship periods. I got to have hands on coffee training.

Sharifah is now a barista at Plaza Singapura and Temasek.


Shirley (Intake #4)

I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

After having her first child at 15 and working in a fast food restaurant for several years, Shirley joined the HT programme in 2011. She simultaneously discovered a fondness for coffee and a passion for teaching during a cafe internship. It’s been 8 years now that she’s been with Bettr Barista, and Shirley loves to teach and share her skills with people interested in coffee.

Favourite programme aspect: Learning that coffee is about more than making latte art.

Shirley is now a Bettr Barista Academy trainer and supervises baristas at various locations.


Andrew (Intake #23)

I read that this program can change you.

I used to have issues with working, I would leave right away after a bad experience. I felt scared to make mistakes. At Bettr Barista, they train you slowly, teach you skills, day by day, to reach stable growth that I want to go for. You get confidence first, then move up, and go over everything slowly. Now I’m not scared because I know what I’m doing. I’m not afraid to make mistakes now because I can learn more new things.

Favourite programme aspect: Mental training. I’d never done housework before. Now I clean up after myself. I feel more confident, independent, and better in the end.

Andrew is now a barista at Jimmy Monkey.


Jo (intake #7)

We don’t look at how many times you may fall. We’re interested in how many times you’re going to pick yourself up.

Jo came to Bettr Barista as part of the 7th HT intake then as the oldest HT participant at aged 50. Coming out of depression, the HT programme was an opportunity to challenge herself - even to conquer her fear of heights by rock climbing!

Favourite programme aspect: Using coffee as part of training and mentoring for everyday life.

Jo is now a Bettr Barista Academy trainer, providing coffee expertise to current HT students.